domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013


On Thursday, April 25, we received a visit from Mary Lires. We were very excited to have her visit! Our library, "Soños de andel", is named after one of her many works. She has also illustrated many other children's books, with which we were recently working on in the Ed. Artistic. Here's a link to the list of those books:
Books Maria Lires.

First, we met together in the "Recanto dos contos" and after that, we wanted to entertain Mary with the representation of her book: "Bechos Pequerrechos." Many children of different courses attended. In addition, we made some life-like puppets and the 4th year students performed with them. It was great fun and went very well! Then, the students from 6th year did an interview with some very interesting questions.

Finally, we sang two songs, one dedicated to bechos pequerrechos: "These are bichiños with something special" and another dedicated to our friend Maria "Mary and poetry."
This act served as the climax for the end of the second part of the project COLOURS OF GALICIA, dedicated during the second quarter to Galician illustrators, especially Mary Lires.

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