jueves, 29 de enero de 2015


1.- Play with the water colors to create a background.
2.- Put the plastic on top of the wet paper.
3.- Let your art dry over-night.
4.- Choose a pattern for the Day of Peace.
5.- Decorate your pattern.
6.- Cut and paste your pattern onto your background.

Peace: Paz.
Dove: Paloma.
Heart: Corazón.
Olive branch: Rama de olivo

Basic Vocabulary:
Paint brush: Pincel.
Paints: Pinturas.
Use: Utilizar.
Cut: Cortar.
Trace: Repasar.
Color: Colorear.
Paint: Pintar.

domingo, 4 de enero de 2015



  • Color the squares using different colours.
  • Cut the colored squares.
  • Paste the shapes onto the frame
  • Choose an animal (sea horse, fish, starfish).
  • Color the animal, cut it into shapes.
  • Paste the pieces of the animal onto the frame.
  • Decorate the frame.